• Most potent, effective, and safe form of iron
  • Helps with anemia, poor circulation, blood disorders, and more
  • Supports the white blood cells, the immune system, and the nervous system

Iron PRO

  • A Patented, Highly Absorbable Source of Iron

    Iron You Can Use

    Provides your body with iron in an organic form that can be utilized immediately and effectively.

    Safely Absorbable

    A safe, organic form of iron that comes from patented sources (B9 folic acid as Folate and Iron-Ferrochel).

    Essential Mineral

    Fills the nutrient gap of iron in your body to help fight against fatigue, dizziness, decreased alertness, anemia, and more.

    Immune Support

    Assists in the health of the immune system because of the dependency white blood cells have on iron.