LEAN95 is our flagship product. It is a low calorie, nutrient dense vegetarian shake with a unique combination of ingredients. The LEAN95 can help you: 

  • Lose weight
  • Control appetite
  • Increase energy levels
  • Boost immune function
  • Improve resistance to stress
  • Build and repair muscles after exercise




LEAN 95 - Best Vegetarian Shake

  • LEAN95 is our flagship product. LEAN95 doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, preservatives or synthetics, making it the cleanest and healthiest drink you could add to your diet. ​
    • ​Only 95 Calories per two-scoop serving
    • Each serving contains 15.7 grams of High Quality Vegetable Protein
    • Strictly vegetarian
    • NO SOY
    • NO DAIRY
    • NO GMO
    • NO Preservatives or synthetic ingredients
    What is it formulated to do?
    LEAN95 has been specifically formulated for those wanting to lose weight, build muscle and improve overall well-being. ​The addition of all three macas - black, red, and white - and the new serving size and 750ml mix enhance energy, appetite control, and weight loss potential. LEAN95 is also an ideal pre- and post-workout drink. 
    • ​​​LEAN95 has proven itself to be a fantastic promoter of healthy weight loss and physical performance. ​
    • Contains Special Fiber to Promote the feeling of fullness and make eat less easier​
    Who may benefit?
    Whether your goal is weight loss, better health, or to enhance athletic performance, this green food shake provides you with the necessary protein and nutrients in a low-calorie serving (95 per serving) to support your body and make it easier to reach your target. LEAN95 is also fantastic for children who could have it added to smoothies or other soft foods, like porridge. 
    How is it used?
    • 2 level 25ml scoops of LEAN95 in 750ml of cold water. 
    • Can mix to 800ml if less sweetness is preferred
    ​Drink as a meal-replacement, snack, or pre- and post-workout shake.