• Supports healthy aging
  • Powerful daily detoxification
  • Broad-spectrum antioxidant protection
  • Energy, Endurance & Recovery​​


Microhydrin Plus is formulated to help you defy aging and support your immune function with research-backed, broad-spectrum antioxidant protection.




Microhydrin Plus Antioxidant

  • Microhydrin Plus® is a research-backed, broad-spectrum antioxidant supplement. It combines our exclusive antioxidant, Microhydrin, with 8 additional antioxidants to give you the ultimate protection from free radical damage.
    Antioxidants are compounds that stop free radicals from damaging your cells, which is key to keeping your cells healthy so you can enjoy a vibrant life. Free radicals are unstable compounds that have lost electrons. They damage our health as they steal electrons from vital cells, interfering with their ability to function normally. Our only defense are antioxidants, and consuming a variety of them may help stave off the degenerative issues thought to be caused by free radicals.
    Microhydrin provides more electrons than any other product.