This book is aims to help you better understand your mind and brain so that you can be better equipped to achieve your personal health and wellness goals.




Why do so many people fail to achieve their goals?
The reasons may be different than what you first think. In Something BIGGER, authors Ryan and Sean Penny reveal why and how forgetfulness and lack of goal-directed self-control stand in the way of so many people getting what they want. But Something BIGGER doesn’t merely concern deep, underlying problems and the often painful dissection of failure. Instead, it offers a unique and systematic approach to clearing the way for success. Something BIGGER is as much a journey as it is a destination. En route to the final SATISFY plan, the reader can expect to be enlightened, entertained, and, in some places, even battered. As a-ha moments deconstruct misconceptions about self and success, room gets made for a mental rewiring that can create ‘goal-achieving machines.’ If your goal is within the realm of possibility, you can make it a probability with Something BIGGER. 

Mindset For Success Book

  • ENDORSEMENTSAfter years of competing on the world athletics stage, I agree whole heartedly with the central theme of Something BIGGER, that self-control is a key ingredient to successful goal achievement. The insight the authors offer into how it all works, along with the super-practical 7 “SATISFY” steps that bring everything together in the end, promise to take you to new heights in pursuit of your personal goals, whatever they may be. — Hestrie Cloete
    High Jump World Champion 2001 & 2003, Olympic 
    Silver Medalist 2000 & 2004, Female World Athlete of the Year 2003

    "A great read and a total eye-opener into the human psyche and how our brain receives and filters information affecting decisions we make and steps we take (or not!) to achieve our goals. Written in such an easy to understand way and with the cheeky humor, making the reading truly enjoyable. Highly recommended book for everyone who appreciates good insights and not just ‘gliding on a surface’. Many Thanks Ryan and Sean Penny."