PEAC is a PRECISION ESSENTIAL AMINO COMPLEX that is set apart from other amino acid supplements. PEAC's Master Amino acid Plan (MAP) comprises specific ratios of the amino acids for maximal benefit. PEAC also has enhanced absorption capacity. 

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Cut fat




PEAC - Best Amino Acid Formula

  • What is it formulated to do?
    PEAC is formulated for better absorption thanks to its propriety blend of crystalline free form amino acids. All the physiological processes relating to sport – energy, recovery, muscle growth, strength gains, and fat loss – are all tied to amino acids found in PRECISION ESSENTIAL AMINO COMPLEX. 
    • PEAC promotes maximal performance
    • Ideal pre-and post-workout supplement for building a strong and lean physique
    How is the absorption enhanced?
    PEAC formula efficacy is further enhanced by adding AstraGin (TM), a natural compound that significantly improves the uptake of amino acids. This powerful combination of the right amino acids with AstraGin (TM) ensures that muscles - which are especially receptive to nutrients - rapidly receive the building blocks they need for repair, growth, and strengthening.
    Who may benefit?
    Anyone wanting to get stronger and leaner will benefit from PEAC. 
    How is it used?
    • Two (2) scoops of PEAC to 500ml cold water. Drink 250ml 20-30 minutes before working out and then the remaining 250ml during or after the workout.