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​​Sean and I have authored two books. The first, NO SWEAT, is a guide to exercising throughout the day without the need for a gym or any special equipment. The second book, Something BIGGER, presents masterful methods of developing self-control through a novel explanation of how the mind and brain work.


no-sweat book The Wellness Brothers - Ryan Penny, Sean Penny

Since Sean and I wrote NO SWEAT back in 2012, the evidence to support what we presented then has multiplied massively. We initially set out to change the notion that only long workouts benefit health and body shape. We made a case for what we called Spread-Workouts. The book provides solid support for a short-bout, spread-workout approach to daily exercise, which is super convenient and highly effective in improving health, reducing the risk of multiple diseases, and enhancing body shape. By helping people of all ages and all body types increase their physical activity without the need for a lot of time, a particular location, or even any equipment, NO SWEAT provides a real solution for a problem that robs countless people of greater well-being. That's why the primary message in the book, which is so simple, is so important: - Everyone can do the kind of physical activity needed for a healthier, happier, and longer life.


Something bigger - Book by Ryan Penny, Sean Penny - The Wellness Brothers

Self-improvement can be logical and sustainable with the right mind-set. Something Bigger is an instructive handbook for overcoming negative thoughts and habits by resetting satisfaction goals. The basic premise of the book is that the power of one’s mind can be used to attain a positive satisfaction level. The protracted metaphor for attaining success in the program is an imaginary courtroom where Judge MAX (a stand-in for the reader’s mind) presides and can be swayed by arguments from two attorneys, MISS and FUSS. MISS is lackadaisical and impulsive, steering the judge to the quickest means of satisfaction (cookie, cigarette), while FUSS is rational, preferring to fulfil long-term goals (avoid lung cancer, meet weight-loss goals in a year). The judge often rules in favor of MISS and must be swayed to support FUSS in order to make real gains. If what one doesn’t want is clear and avoidable, then what one does want and how to accomplish it is also innately accessible. In the final chapter, Dr Ryan and Sean Penny offer a seven-step program for reaching one’s goals and overcoming one’s self-set barriers. 


"​After years of competing on the world athletics stage, I agree wholeheartedly with the central theme of Something BIGGER, that self-control is a key ingredient to successful goal achievement. The insight the authors offer into how it all works, along with the super-practical 7 “SATISFY” steps that bring everything together in the end, promise to take you to new heights in pursuit of your personal goals, whatever they may be"

Hestrie Cloete (High Jump World Champion 2001 & 2003, Olympic Silver Medalist 2000 & 2004, Female World Athlete of the Year 2003)

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